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Compare Transfer Processes for a Small Drawn Cup

Our case study for a small drawn cup illustrates the advantages of the Micro Transfer™ process over the traditional progressive die process. Micro Transfer’s™ die design uses several less die stations, a simplified cam pierce station, and removes the need for a stretch carrier resulting in a reduced material pitch and coil width. Another cost saving feature is that the actual coil pitch can be established after the blank is developed. This eliminates the safety factor that is necessary in the design of the progressive dies. As a result, our Micro Transfer™ Systems allow die builders to take advantage of reduced systems cost and even more cost savings on material usage.


Micro Transfer™ Die Advantages:

•0.20 lbs. less material used per part       •$0.09 reduction in part cost      •Six less die stations      
•34” shorter die      •30% less die cost      •20% faster die build      •Straightforward die tryout